CLIENT: Anne Ghrist Voiceover

Website Design, Logo Design, Social Media Banners, Demo Player, SEO

Back at VO Atlanta, I had the pleasure to collaborate on the VO Jam with the very talented Anne Ghrist. We worked closely and discussed many things including my history and experience as a designer. So, when she came to me for assistance with her website, I was more than willing to help!

She had gone through two previous designers, one of whom had ghosted her and left her with a mess, and another that tried to clean up that mess but didn't quite know what a voiceover website needed.

After looking things over, and finding dozens of excess plugins and countless images and files in her media storage bogging things down, we decided to start from scratch and build her a shiny new one-page website.

No need for a monthly subscription to play demos, not made from a template that looks like everyone else's, no extra stuff slowing her down, SEO optimized, and viewable on all devices.

While we were at it, we gave her logo a re-design (hooray for new branding!) and created headers and banners for all her social media!

"Nevin came to my rescue after a number of iterations from designers who didn’t have a grasp our voice over marketing needs. He captured my brand and created a stunning site that’s efficient & dynamic. And when I need changes, he has them masterfully done & delivered at the speed of light. As talented as Nevin is in many genres of Voice Over Acting he is just as outstanding in web design, graphics and site management. Nevin Stoltz is a fabulous team hero and a great friend. "
Anne Ghrist Voiceover

Voice Actor

What every client gets working with me:


  • Custom built website NEVER built from a template
  • SEO optimization utilizing RankMath SEO
  • Fully responsive website viewable on all devices
  • Demo player with or without playlists and downloadable files
  • Custom FAVICON included
  • Custom Social Share image included
  • Free 1-on-1 or video training for adding content to projects/portfolios
  • FREE 30 days of tech support
  • So much more!
Click here to see the live site:

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