CLIENT: Keshia Kimbrough

Website Design, Demo Player, SEO

Keshia is a Chicago based voice actor and screen actress.

She approached me looking for a website to showcase both of her passions as well as being a portfolio of her work.

In addition to the main page, we created a second page that she is able to add videos to that are hosted on Youtube. She can categorize the videos by their type such as Monologue, Audition, or Reel and visitors to her site can sort by the type of video they would like to view.

Keshia Kimbrough

Voice Actor

What every client gets working with me:


  • Custom built website NEVER built from a template
  • SEO optimization utilizing RankMath SEO
  • Fully responsive website viewable on all devices
  • Demo player with or without playlists with downloadable files
  • Custon FAVICON included
  • Custom Social Share image included
  • FREE 30 days of tech support
  • So much more!
Click here to see the live site:

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