CLIENT: Diana Wilde Voiceover

Website Design, Demo Player, SEO

I was so excited when Diana Wilde reached out to me about updating her website. Having "met" her in the Working Voice Actor group on clubhouse, I very quickly grew to love her for her unapologetic personality that is boisterous, zany, and often times full of song! This wasn't going to be some normal run of the mill website with boring copy...

Looking at her existing site, let's just say... it left much to be desired.

When we started diving into what she had in mind, she was looking for something that was sleek, business like, and reflected her personality but still looked professional. She referenced so many different personality/character inspirations she wanted to try and evoke including Moira Rose from Schitt's Creek, Liza Minelli, Sally Field, Joan Jett, and many more. A healthy balance of femininity, super hero, elegance and Rock-N-Roll!!

Utilizing her color scheme from her existing website, we updated the look and feel with a more streamlined one page design with all the information she wanted to share (more demos and some updated headshots on the way).

The challenge was to bring in a hint of hard edge without it looking like a rock vocalist's website, so I decided to go with some focal accents of brushed metal. Elegant, yet metal! Luckily she was onboard and loved it as much as I did.

Nevin was a treat to work with. He totally gets me and my vibe and went above and beyond delivering a website that truly fits my personality.
Diana Wilde Voiceover

Voice Actor

What every client gets working with me:


  • Custom built website NEVER built from a template
  • SEO optimization utilizing RankMath SEO
  • Fully responsive website viewable on all devices
  • Demo player with or without playlists with downloadable files
  • Custon FAVICON included
  • Custom Social Share image included
  • FREE 30 days of tech support
  • So much more!
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