CLIENT: Molly Marie Voiceover

Website Design, Social Media Banners, SEO

Molly came to me wanting a site that reflected her Phoenix mindset and passion, professional yet fun.

I first reworked a previous logo she had a bit to fit the new site. We decided on a color palette that screamed phoenix, consisting of bright and warm oranges, reds, and a hint of yellow. We incorporated an AI generated image of a phoenix in front of the microphone that she created and felt truly embodied her personality and passion for voiceover. Since Molly is an avid gamer, I wanted to put in a slight nod to games and utilized a cuboid background in two sections reminiscent of the classic arcade game Q*bert.

We will be adding in her VO demos above the fold as soon as they are available.

I also provided her with a matching set of banners for LinkedIn, Facebook, and X (Twitter) so her brand is consistent across all platforms.

I chose Nevin because he is an accomplished voice actor and I knew he would know the things that are needed on my website. Nevin spent time working off of my ideas and adding his suggestions. He was very responsive to my endless questions and kept me in the loop during the entire process. He ultimately built a website I absolutely love! If you choose Nevin you won't be disappointed!
Molly Marie Voiceover

Voice Actor

What every client gets working with me:


  • Custom built website NEVER built from a template
  • SEO optimization utilizing RankMath SEO
  • Fully responsive website viewable on all devices
  • Demo player with or without playlists with downloadable files
  • Custon FAVICON included
  • Custom Social Share image included
  • FREE 30 days of tech support
  • So much more!
Click here to see the live site:

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