CLIENT: Renee Garner Elms Voiceover

Website Design, Logo Design, Demo Player, SEO

Renee came to me with some inspirations from other websites that she wanted to incorporate into her design.

She loved the floating 3D look of some other sites and wanted all of her content to be sitting on top of a background wallpaper. Using the color palette she proved, we placed her content including a custom logo on top of the wallpaper with a slight drop shadow for added effect. When scrolling, the logo is replaced with a sticky top bar menu that remains at the top.

One thing Renee did not want was a lot of excess scrolling, so we fit as much of her content possible into a small space while also maintaining a larger size font that she wanted to make her site readable for older viewers.

In the future, we will be replacing her voice samples with produced demos as well as swapping her current main photo with professional headshots. Other sections for clients and other projects will be added as needed.

I love it. so much I am crying now! Nevin is awesomeness.
Renee Garner Elms Voiceover

Voice Actor

What every client gets working with me:


  • Custom built website NEVER built from a template
  • SEO optimization utilizing RankMath SEO
  • Fully responsive website viewable on all devices
  • Demo player with or without playlists with downloadable files
  • Custon FAVICON included
  • Custom Social Share image included
  • FREE 30 days of tech support
  • So much more!
Click here to see the live site:

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